Ready for the Next Phase? Essential Car Maintenance, Repair Services & Protocols

Tom's technicians and owner as a team

Hoping you and your family and loved ones are hanging in there and staying safe and healthy.

It feels like West Seattle got double-dinged with the COVID-19 lockdown and then, boom the West Seattle Bridge closure too. It’s hard to believe the bridge has been closed for 2 months now!


Road trip ready?

It might feel odd or weird (or awesome!) to think about getting away when we’re just on the cusp of entering the next phase of this new normal. 

The good news is, we’re here for you and your vehicle, with precautions and protocols established and in place when you’re ready. Our safety precautions include gloved hands on our staff and technicians (specifically, any time anyone is in your vehicle, the gloves are on), continual and repeated surface sanitizing, cleaning, and not only hand-sanitizing but also key-sanitizing and spraying. We may never quit this one!

This, in addition to the good, warrantied repair and maintenance work needed during this critical time to keep you and your loved ones safe during road travel… especially since there are more cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids on the roads now than there were 6-8 weeks ago.


Essential & open

The office still has – and will keep – a precautionary 6-foot distance from the counter. We ask that if you see someone in the office when you arrive, to please wait outside, observe the 6-foot distance, or remain in your car until the other person has left.  We would also appreciate it if you would mask up. It is a small office, after all.


Are vehicle pick up and drop off still available?

We are picking up and delivering vehicles if requested. Please, if you need or would like a pickup/drop off, definitely request it; we are not assuming you need a pick up. We leave our shuttle there while we have your car, so bear in mind that we need a place to park it. 

At this time, we’re not sure how long we will be providing pick up/drop off services, but for now, it’s available. 


No shuttle service at this time

It’s not possible to stay 6-feet apart safely. We’ve put the pick up and drop off service into action in its stead.

All in all, and even with all of the changes and challenges, we’re feeling so dedicated to our community. Thank you for all of the calls, visits, drivebys, food donation dropoffs for the West Seattle Food Bank, and certainly for the opportunity to service your vehicles throughout these last weeks. It’s made all the difference and we appreciate you and your business. 

Give a call with any questions or to schedule your next service with us.