More About Brakes and Brake Maintenance

Sadly, you can’t wait for a car, truck, SUV or hybrid to “tell” you that it needs new brakes.

But there are a few tips we can offer that may help you to stay aware of your brake system’s performance.
Here are a few things to watch for when it comes to brake care, maintenance and one day, replacement.

  • Dashboard lights-Could be that the brake fluid is low, or a rare sensor has been tripped.
  • Grinding sounds
  • Squeaking sounds
  • Pedal Pulsations
    • There are a couple of questions we’ll ask, and we may want to take a test drive with you, to be sure we’re on the right page when you share about feeling a pedal pulsation. One possible answer to a true pedal pulsation is that the brake rotors are no longer flat (aka: out of round, or warped). This is a sign of normal wear and a new need for care and rotor replacement.
  • Change in brake pedal sensitivity or pressure
    • Such as the pedal going all the way to the floor. We’ll check for many things, and one of those things will be an active brake fluid leak.

A test drive with one of our ASE technicians will also help to troubleshoot the problem together. And get to the solution together too.

That’s why we visually check your brakes every 6k miles

We’re able to check in on your brakes when we rotate your tires. Tires should be rotated every 6k miles and tires need to come off for that services. We try to check in on brakes at the same time since the tires are off.

Some cars do have view holes for brakes, meaning you don’t have to remove the tires in order to inspect the brakes.
But since the tires are off, it’s a perfect time to give a visual check into your brakes as well.

We all want the most life out of our tires & our brakes, right?

These brakes were so rusty the brake rotor came apart, scary stuff!

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