The Don’t List for Windshield Wipers & Motors

Don’t leave your wipers on when you turn off your car.

Turning your wipers off when you’ve parked the car is the safest thing to do.  If your wipers turn on when your windshield is frozen you can damage your wiper system.

Don’t hose off an icy windshield with your garden hose… or with a hot cup of water from the house. 

We don’t recommend it as the windshield could crack.

On choosing correct wiper blades… probably not generic

Life expectancy of a windshield wiper blade is about three to six months around here; we all know it rains in Seattle. 

We understand you’d like to save money on blades, since you’ll be buying them every few months. 

But allow us to warn you… not every wiper blade is built for every car. 

You may be tempted to grab a set of generic wiper blades from a big box store. We get the temptation. But these sale-blades don’t always fit the car you’re driving… this is especially true for Hondas and many other vehicles, which have a specific shape of windshield.

A word about RainX, or other watershield treatment products

So people use Rain X on their windshields because it’s supposed to help bead the water off for some nice clear visibility. 

A word to the wise: once you begin using a product like this, you’re committed to keep using it. Once the product  starts to wear off, the visibility gets very bad and possibly unsafe. Blurry, smeary, just bad. So once you begin, you must be aware that you have to reapply, reapply, reapply.

So it’s not a one and done with those products. It’s a get started… and keep going… indefinitely.

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Check your wiper blades at least every 30K Miles!

Timing Belts & Chains are critical to your cars performance

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stella loichot
stella loichot

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Our family has been a client of Tom's since 2005 and we have never been disappointed. My husband does most of the work on our cars and we only bring them to the shop when he is stuck with something he can't do. At Tom's, not only do they always offer a menu of solutions to fit different budgets, but they have also provided advice regarding what my husband could do on his own, and we appreciate that very much.

Jody Dexter
Jody Dexter

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

Tom's automotive has very experienced, professional and friendly staff. As a female, I don't feel I can trust certain mechanics. The owner is female and I completely trust her advise. They gave me a list of what maintenance items needed to be completed but did not pressure to complete them at that time.

xana land
xana land

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

TOMS SAVED ME THOUSANDS! MOST HONEST IN WEST SEATTLE! After getting totally bamboozled by a place in West Seattle that has hundreds of good reviews, I was at a loss of what to do. Finally I took my little Hyundai to Tom's. First of all, its literally the cleanest shop I've ever seen in my life. Like Truman Show movie clean. Then the guys are so sweet and patient. They did what any of the actually 3 mechanics that had looked at my car could have done, a simple cheap dye test to see exactly where the oil leak was going. One place that had worked on my car on Roxbury had told me it was fixed. I left with plans to go on a little road trip and went to get some supplies and saw the car was smoking and leaking oil. Took it back they said " oh I see there is another leak, for $1200 we'll fix it for good this time " yeah right, I said no thanks, so Tom's knew this and all along any of the places ( The place on Roxbury was the 3rd ) could have done this simple dye test for $30.00 with tax. Toms told me after the dye test what I had a feeling about-the car was not worth putting any more money into. THey could have poo pooed me and let me waste more money but they were honest. Take your car to Tom's, you might think that these other little Ma and Pa shops are good because they are full ad busy but why take a chance that you'll just get lied to? Tom's hasn't been here 40 plus years for no reason!