Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. Please do. You can call (206-937-1144) or schedule online.


Can I wait for my car?

No. We have a few chairs that would be comfortable for a few minutes, but not for the duration of the repair work for your vehicle.

How much does it cost?

It depends.

Do you charge to diagnose a vehicle?

Usually, yes, we do. AND… it’s important that you know there is a difference between a scan and a diagnosis.

We can scan your vehicle for codes for free, but it won’t accomplish much. Scanning for codes will give a starting place, show us where to start looking, but it won’t give a solution. Scanning suggests a starting point. 

A diagnosis takes us beyond the starting point and takes time to determine exactly what the issue is, and how to solve it efficiently, the first time. Diagnosis is a service we usually do charge for.

The bigger picture: A scan for codes and a diagnosis won’t get the vehicle fixed or repaired. Even a diagnosis only gets us to the starting point of the problem.

Can I schedule a car appointment online?

Absolutely. Click to the Schedule page on our website and set an appointment. We will call or email you back with our availability and confirm your appointment.  Or feel free to give us a call if you’d prefer. 206-937-1144

What's that puddle under my car?

There are a few possibilities. Could be oil, or coolant, or, (commonly) water from condensation. It’s helpful to know where under the car the puddle is landing (e.g. under the hood/front of the car, or just under & behind the passenger seat). More details here: What’s That Puddle Under the Car?

Do you offer tire service?

No, we don’t specialize in this. We receive many calls and sometimes cars have a tire issue in addition to the other repair needs. We do our best, vehicle by vehicle, to service the car and customer to the best of our abilities.

Can I have my car, truck, SUV, or hybrid towed to your shop?

Absolutely. If you’d like to have it towed during business hours, please give a call and let us know it’s coming. 206-937-1144

If it’s after hours, complete the form on the envelope, pop the key in the envelope and seal it, then drop it in the Night Box (on the main garage door). We will contact you during the next business day.

Where do I park my car when I’m dropping it off after hours?

The best place to park is between the shop office and Dog City Day Care. There are specifically allocated parking spots for Tom’s Automotive Services there. Or, you can park in front of our shop. 

Just remember to complete the form, pop the key in the envelope, and drop the key into the Night Slot located on the main garage door (not the office door). We will be in touch the next business day.

Why do oil changes at Tom’s require leaving my car all day?

We don’t offer the same oil change you can find in neighboring services. We offer a comprehensive service on your complete vehicle, which includes an oil change and fluid check and fill. This is more than your average oil change, and we will need your car for the day for this service.  We do a 23 point inspection and most of our oil services include a brake inspection and tire rotation as well.