Engine Repair & Service

Some might call a vehicle’s engine the “heart” of a car, truck, SUV or hybrid. It’s definitely a straightforward and specific system in your vehicle that needs to run well in order for your car to run safely, effectively…and economically too.

There are a lot of elements to the engine, to be sure. But the easiest and least expensive contributor to your engine’s good health is one that always seems to have misinformation about it. So, we’re going to cover it here.

The following list shares a few of the types of services, repairs and even parts that come into play when we talk about your vehicle’s engine:

Camshaft seals

Check engine light diagnoses and repair

Cooler lines

Crankshaft seals

Cylinder head replacement

Engine cleaning

Engine de-carboning

Engine diagnostics and performance

Engine tune up

Head gasket replacement

Intake manifold gaskets

Intake system cleaning

Oil changes

Oil coolers

Oil filters

Oil leaks

Oil pan gaskets

Oil pressure senders and switches

Oil services

Rear main seals

Timing Belts and Chains

Timing cover gaskets

Valve cover gaskets

Variable valve timing diagnoses and repairs

The straight scoop about oil changes & your vehicle’s engine

There’s truly a lot of misinformation about the need for oil in a car…especially new cars. You might’ve heard that many of the newer cars simply “don’t need any oil at all.” It’s not true.

Every engine needs oil to run smoothly, cleanly and efficiently. What’s also important is the grade of the oil for your specific vehicle, and the frequency at which it gets checked, filled and replaced. This is a deceptively simple, yet critical piece to keeping your car’s engine happy and running well for a long time.

We see many needed repairs on vehicles each week that could have been prevented or reduced in expense, with better or more regular maintenance and care, including oil inspections and replacements.

Ask us about your engine’s overall health when you come in for your vehicle’s next service.

Hey, why not schedule that service today?

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