Emissions Testing &
Check Engine Lights

If you have a “Check Engine” light on, your car will not pass an emissions test. Period.
But get the test taken, get the failed report and bring it to us.

The failure report is actually valuable to a certified repair shop because it gives the starting point to begin testing for the problem in the vehicle.

The report doesn’t spell it all out for a shop, but it does give us a good strong indicator of where to start the testing process for the problem.

Has the “Check Engine” light been on for awhile?

This is a really important thing for you to know.

If your “Check Engine” light has been on for a few days, weeks or months, additional components may also have failed. Other codes can set, and other parts can go bad. At that point, you don’t know that you have more than one problem.


For example

Let’s say that you’re oxygen sensor goes bad and it trips that “Check Engine” light on. You continue to drive around with the light on and don’t come in to get it repaired. You drive around so long with a bad oxygen sensor that the catalytic converter becomes damaged as well.

exhuast pipe emission test

What does this mean for emissions? Two things.

If you’ve been driving around for a long period of time with a “Check Engine” light on, and your vehicle has more than one problem…


  1. It’s going to take longer to find all of the problem areas with the car
  2. It’s going to cost more to repair multiple problems and get your vehicle to pass that State-required emissions test

So, for the performance and longevity of your vehicle, if the “Check Engine” light comes on, you’ll want to get it looked at and taken care of as quickly as you can.


If you can’t afford the repairs to get your car to pass the test

The State does give you an alternative: a waiver.

Here’s the general protocol for the emissions waiver:

  • You must go to an emissions-certified repair shop, like ours, with an emissions-certified technician who can perform the testing according to the State’s rules
  • If you can’t afford the repairs, you must spend at least $150 towards testing and/or repair.
  • The vehicle must have all of the emissions test components intact. (So, you can’t remove a catalytic converter and get a waiver)

You may then potentially be eligible for a waiver.

Get more information on the protocol for the emissions waiver from the State.

And bring your vehicle to us if it failed that State emissions test. We’ll get it fixed and running right, right away.

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