Emission Diagnosis & Repairs

NOTE: Washington State No Longer Requires Emissions Testing.

The emission control system on your vehicle is important for keeping our local environment as clean as possible. It used to be a regulated inspection and drivers were notified on their vehicle’s tab registration forms as to whether an emissions test was required that year in order to renew the tabs.

Though it’s no longer regulated, emissions diagnosis and repairs still prove useful not only for the local environment but also for the overall health of the vehicle. Read on for more.

These are a few of the terms & parts you may hear about related to your vehicle’s Emissions system: 

Air fuel ratio sensors

Camshaft sensors

Carbon cleaning services

Catalytic converters

Charcoal canisters

Crankshaft sensors

Distributor cap & rotor

EGR Valves

Engine control modules [ECM]

Engine coolant temperature sensors

Evaporative control valves

Evaporative hoses

Exhaust manifolds

Exhaust repair

Fuel filler necks

Fuel injection services

Fuel injectors

Fuel pressure regulators

Fuel pumps

Gas caps

Ignition cables

Ignition coils

Intake air temperature sensors

Knock sensors

MAP sensors

Mass air flow sensors


Oxygen sensors

PCV valves

Secondary air injection pumps

Spark plugs


Throttle bodies

Vacuum hoses

Vapor canister filters

Vapor canister purge solenoids

We still use the testing and diagnosing equipment in our shop, even though emissions tests are no longer required.

Not every auto repair shop has this equipment, but we definitely do. It’s a convenience to our customers here in the West Seattle, Burien & White Center area, but it also gives us more information for our customer files about the overall care during the life of the vehicle with each customer. We get the whole view of the car’s care and running by utilizing the diagnostic equipment.

If your car or truck is giving off higher emissions, it may be a sign that something in the systems is running improperly and this could lose potential efficiency in your vehicle’s gas mileage.

The investment you make on your car, truck, SUV, or hybrid is big. We respect that.

And keeping your investment, your car’s safety, and the emissions in check is where we want to serve.

Schedule an appointment for your vehicle today at Tom’s.

This is a video of a plugged charcoal canister for a vehicle’s evaporative system. This can cause the check engine light to turn on and can be caused by driving on dusty or dirt roads.

Reminder: Always bring the vehicle in if the check engine light comes on: it’s usually an indicator of underlying problems. Some may be simple and easy to fix, others not, but the point is to keep your vehicle reliable and running safely for as long as possible. Right?