Warning Signs to Watch For: Your Vehicle’s A/C

One thing you don’t want to have trouble with in the summer is your car’s air conditioning. Get the warning signs & stay cool in West Seattle.

car-air-conditioning-seattleSpring is the perfect time of year to inspect your car’s air conditioning system to ensure it’s working properly. Why? It’s just in time for the warmer days when you’re going to want it to be pumping out cold air.

Also, your car’s air conditioning system is linked to many other areas of your car and can play a role in decreased efficiency when it’s not in good shape.

For instance, your air conditioning system not only blows cool air, but it also plays a major role in removing, or moving out, the hot air within the cabin and moving it to the exterior of the vehicle.

What are the signs?

Let’s get specific. These are a few of the signs to watch for that will indicate that the A/C needs some attention:

  • The defrost feature isn’t working properly. Seems strange, right? The defrost actually utilizes the air conditioner so if it isn’t working properly it can be a sign that your air conditioning system needs to be inspected.
  • When your air conditioning is turned on there just isn’t any cool air coming out the vents any longer.
  • Another sign is a strange sound coming from the system when you turn it on. It can sound like rattling, banging or a knocking sound. If you have any of these issues it’s time to get your car in for servicing ASAP!

Making sure that the air conditioning system is serviced and working properly can benefit you by avoiding a pricey breakdown where more components need to be replaced. Good maintenance is always less expensive than replacement, right?

A good working air conditioning system (plus, regular changes to your cabin filter) can also prevent a build-up of harmful environmental bacteria that can then blow into your car’s interior. This is a major issue for people who suffer from asthma, allergies or other respiratory challenges.

Your air conditioning system really works hard for you. So, be sure to keep it in good working order. Cool?

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