Best Maintenance Care when Winter-izing Your Vehicle

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You’ve heard us say this again and again, “Maintenance is less spendy than repairs.”

It could be true too, that having a big vehicle repair in the winter months could also negatively impact other choice festivities of the season. We’ll break down the process of how we winterize your car.

Would you rather have new LEGO® sets or a new timing belt? Ideally, we’d love both… but it’d be more fun to spend the money on the LEGO® kits and see the kids’ faces light up with those gifts. We get it. 

And, still true too, is that we each want to have the safest car possible.
Maintenance is the name of the game, West Seattle neighbors.

Here’s a reminder maintenance list of what to watch out for as the season deepens:

Battery: We hurt inside when we hear about cars that won’t start on frozen mornings due to dead batteries. This is wholly avoidable and we never want this to happen to you. Batteries hold the power to “get your motor running”… so you can “head out on the highway.”
We can – and do – test batteries for every service so we can advise you of what to expect and when to expect the need for a replacement.

Note: Regarding hybrid vehicles – Did you know that hybrid vehicles have an auxiliary battery that runs all the accessories? They, too, need to be tested regularly to assure they are working properly. If they aren’t charging properly it can make it so the vehicle won’t run.

Lights: Safety has a lot to do with visibility. Making sure your lights are clean, bright, and on when they should be on is part of maintenance. This includes headlights, rear lights, cabin lights, dashboard illumination, and directional lights (also known as blinkers).

Wipers: We in Seattle and West Seattle get wayyyy more use out of our wipers (front and back) than many other places in the country. We inspect yours in every service that we offer. When was the last time you had your wipers replaced?

Tires: We don’t offer tire service here in the shop, but our neighbor up the road on Alaska SW is Les Schwab Tires, and they are great.
With wet weather – and possibly snow and ice –  your vehicle needs the right tires with the right amount of tread in order to keep everyone as safe as possible.

It’s our total pleasure and privilege to work with you and provide maintenance on your vehicles to keep them reliable, West Seattle. 

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