(Still) Thrilled About the Re-Opening of the West Seattle Bridge

Opening of the West Seattle Bridge

The total & utter delight of the (re)opening of the West Seattle Bridge is still running high here at Tom’s Automotive

It’s feeling so good to have more flow of traffic close to us with the bridge being back in service.

Customers are sharing that they are loving having more of their time back as they adventure “off-island” and back again.

Wanted to give a head’s up and an update as you travel back and forth on the West Seattle Bridge: 

  • We are just 2 blocks off the bridge, so if you see your engine light, oil light, or any unfamiliar dash or warning light come on while you’re mid-bridge, definitely pull right into our shop and park. 
    • If we’re closed, please complete the night bird service envelope, and drop it into the garage slot for us. We will contact you at our soonest availability.

*Note: Don’t forget to put your key into the envelope, please.

  • No shuttle service is available at this time, but there are plenty of alternate travel options are close by: mass transit lines, but also cabs, Ubers, and Lyft vehicles-for-hire are available too.
  • Being so close to the West Seattle Bridge makes for convenient drop offs and pick ups for your vehicle’s maintenance routine. Chances are good that since the bridge got back into service, you and your loved ones are using your cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids more often. 
    • Regular maintenance is always less expensive than repairs. Ask us about your vehicle’s maintenance plan when you’re next in the shop… if you don’t have one, we’ll make one with you, based on your priorities.

We are thrilled to have the West Seattle Bridge back up and we don’t see the excitement for it dimming any time soon. 

Make sure your vehicles are as safe and reliable as possible. 

Schedule your next service with us today.