When Should I Get my 2022 Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Done?

Brake inspection, service tech at driver wheel inspection

Whether it’s your car, truck, SUV, or hybrid, a comprehensive vehicle inspection is warranted -and ideal- a few times. With summer right around the corner and vacation season nearly upon us, it’s important that you get your comprehensive vehicle inspection to make sure your vehicle is road trip ready.

We’re making this suggestion based on our 50+ years of experience, but take what makes sense and resonates with you.

What is a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection?

Consider the Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection like a “wellness exam” or similar to a “physical” you might take with your medical doctor… only this one is for your vehicle.

It’s more than a quick lube or oil change

A comprehensive vehicle inspection involves every system in your vehicle being looked at, inspected, and tested. 

A report is furnished upon completion of this inspection to share findings and suggested next steps to keep your vehicle as safe and efficient as possible.

Air Conditioning (A/C) too?

Most definitely, we will let you know what your system is cooling to and if it will require further inspection or even diagnostics.

This is important for summer, but also for winter too. 


The A/C has an important function in the winter… as part of the defroster! We want to make sure that it’s running well at all times, in all the weathers and seasons.

Can’t I just rely on the Manufacturer’s Suggestions for maintenance?

The bigger mile maintenance appointments, as designated by the manufacturers are important, yes. But they are generally a bigger service expense at 60k, 90k, 100k

These mileage-based maintenance appointments look at specific areas of your vehicle’s performance as well. 

A comprehensive vehicle inspection takes some time (plan to leave your vehicle with us for the day)… but it’s not as high a fee as the mileage-based appointments either. 

So, when should I get a comprehensive vehicle inspection?

Consider this type of service:

·        As you prep for a longer road trip… and definitely schedule it ahead of your trip.

·        When you’re getting ready to transition a vehicle to another member of your family and want to be sure it’s in good shape and safe

·        And, you may consider this service as a way of helping you make a decision for how much longer you will keep this vehicle prior to trading it in or selling it on your own.

Your vehicle’s safety and efficiency are important and a comprehensive vehicle inspection can keep you up-to-date on any issues, needs, or repairs so you can make your best decisions with regard to maintenance costs and timing.

Schedule your comprehensive vehicle inspection – or your next needed service – today!