How to Avoid a Headache About Car Repair & Maintenance TODAY

Timing can be a really challenging headache when it comes to car, truck, SUV, and hybrid repair and maintenance

For instance, there’s never a “good time” to need to get your car fixed, have a bigger factory-directed maintenance visit (eg 30k, 60k, 90k, or 120k appts), plus, be without a vehicle for a day (or a few). 

Then, it can be frustrating to call and want to make an appointment to get your vehicle into the shop, only to be informed that the soonest spot on the calendar is a week or more out.

True now, more than ever

As we’re heading further into Spring, daylight savings in our area, and toward school vacations more and more people are considering getting outta town. 


This definitely includes planning and taking road trips of all kinds through the gorgeous months ahead.
Supply chain issues and staffing are real and ever-changing these days. We’ve already been impacted by both. And though we are navigating and nimble, regular maintenance, planned even a little out ahead, would really put some ease into the overall schedule.

Avoiding the headache of timing and being without your vehicle, as far as maintenance goes, can be as easy as planning and scheduling your vehicle appointments as far in advance as is comfortable for you.

Can’t always control when a more immediate need for a repair happens, it’s true. 

And… this is also true
With regularly scheduled maintenance, many repairs can be caught earlier, be less expensive, and keep your vehicle steady and available, and with you, rather than in the shop, unexpectedly.

We’re keen to get you out into the beauty of nature and so you can explore to your heart’s content. 
We’re also committed to getting your vehicles into the safest, most reliable state possible with regard to care, maintenance, and repair. For you, and for your loved ones too.

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