Why Don’t My Car Lights Work?

John fixing light or bulb under the hood of a car in the shop

Visibility and your car’s working lights get into the spotlight this month. More often than not, a bulb may be out if your car’s lights aren’t working.

Darker days may bring your awareness and attention to your car’s lights, or lack of functioning lights.

Light check
It’s not always easy to tell whether or not your vehicle’s lights are working. At its most efficient, this is a 2-person job. 

One person sits in the driver seat and tries all of the directional lights, the hazard lights, headlights, and the high beams too.

The second person looks and checks to be sure those lights are working properly.

We actually check all of the lights when we do regular maintenance and repair services here in the shop. 

Signaling for safety
If you have a light out, or a bulb that has burned out, this may be cause for a citation. We’ve heard this called a “fix-it ticket”.

It really comes down to safety and visibility for all of us traveling the roads on the darker days (and nights) of winter. 

Allow us to cheer you on through the whole holiday season by helping check your lights as well as the rest of your vehicle’s systems so you and your loved ones arrive in safety through the season and into the new year.

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