Keep Core Vehicle Systems Clean & Cool

Tom's technicians and owner as a team

Summer temps in Seattle are going up, up, up… 

So much so that you’ll want to keep core systems updated, running smooth, and keeping you and your loved ones cool. 

Right? Right.

Top core vehicle systems to keep an eye on?

Air Conditioner (AC): Well, in the summer, this is the real deal. Your AC system also has a hand in the functionality of your defroster in the coming Fall and Winter months, not to mention keeping the computer systems cool too.

If your AC just isn’t blowing as cold as it once did, please bring it in for an assessment. We can test the and make sure there are no leaks and that there is enough refrigerant in the system for optimal functionality… and premium cabin comfort.

Cabin Filter: Cabin filters aren’t so much for coolness as they are for air quality. Pollen, dust, smoke and other allergens can be significantly minimized by regularly replacing the cabin filter.

Speaking of filters… 

Air filter: Different from the cabin filter, the air filter is for the air that flows to your engine. This is the filter that keeps dust and debris from entering into your motor. You definitely want clean air to be drawn in for the internal combustion process while your vehicle is on and running.

Not sure when your last service happened? Or when you last had either of these filters changed?

We got you. 

Call or schedule a service and we’ll get (& keep) your vehicle running smooth and cool all summer long.