4 Allergy Relief Tips That Center Around Your Vehicle

road sign says "Allergy Season Ahead" for Tom's Automotive Service Repairs

What? Tips to minimize or decrease allergy symptoms that have to do with your car?
Here in West Seattle?

Yes. And all will make sense when you begin to browse the list.

True, we’ve, perhaps, been spending more time indoors and not as much on the road… 

But! If you’re suffering from relentless allergy symptoms, would you be interested in knowing how you can further limit pollen exposure… Yes, of course! One of those places is your vehicle.

The main tips are also easy to implement, so let’s hop in!

  1. Cabin filter replacement. Whether it’s been a year, or a season, if allergies are making you miserable, consider replacing the cabin filter to promote more relief and less pollen exposure.
  2. Roll up the window and turn on the air conditioner (A/C). A fresh breeze might feel nice, but when the window is down, pollen spores can easily fly or blow in. This is especially true if you’ve got fabric upholstery. 
  3. Clean up your interior. Wipe, shampoo, wash out the dust, dirt, and pollen that’s hanging out on the surfaces or in the fabric of your upholstery. 
  4. Keep it dry. Once you’ve shampooed and washed the mats and interior, let the drying process happen completely. Also, get any wet towels, swim gear, shoes out of the vehicle as soon as possible to minimize allergen spore growth.

We would love to keep your A/C running at it’s tip top condition… and we’d love to replace your cabin filters too.

Connect with us for contactless auto service and maintenance. We’re here for you, West Seattle.