Car Care: Still Winter in West Seattle

Okay, in the shop, we’re coming to accept that winter is still in full play here in mid-February. 

While we look forward to days of sunshine ahead, let’s talk about vehicle heaters here and now.

So, if your heater isn’t really giving you much heat, or isn’t functioning as well or effectively as it has in the past, consider having it inspected, even though this cold season is presumably (hopefully) ending soon. 

The thing is, we can’t tell about exact dates of weather change here in the Northwest.
A day or two of sun, and we’re all hoping it’s here to stay. Indeed, we had a few days of glorious weather at the beginning of the month, remember? 

But now a cold-snap and the warning of snow is looming.

A test is best

If you are even suspecting that your heater may not be working as well as it could, call us to schedule a test.

In a previous post we shared about how the heater in your vehicle shares a vent system with your air conditioner (A/C). 

Your vehicle’s A/C actually enhances your defroster by drying the damp air. So, we are happy to make sure it’s working properly too.

Safety and comfort are our focus for your car care at Tom’s Automotive Service. Located near the Alaska Junction in West Seattle. 

Schedule a test for your heater and defroster today.