3 Best Ways To Defrost Your Windshield in Seattle, Plus the Single Worst Way

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When the winter wet weather turns icy on your windshields in West Seattle, be sure to use best practices for defrosting your vehicle and clearing up your view before you step on your gas.

Whether or not you have to commute these days, when you have ice on your windshield, you’ll want to remove it carefully so your windshield doesn’t crack. These are the 3 tips we suggest to make sure you get on your way safely, with a clear view.

1.    Time to give your vehicle a head start: Meaning, go out a few minutes earlier than you need to leave, and turn on the vehicle and defroster. Truly, minutes earlier (not seconds). When a car is outside all night in cold weather, it is largely a cold, metal machine… and it takes a little bit of time to “wake up and warm-up”. 

(Also, in newer models of cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrid vehicles, there is a lot more technology involved in the workings. Technology likes a more regulated temperature (not too hot, and not too cold), so knowing this, it may be easier to give your vehicle a few more minutes to warm up with the engine running and defroster on.)

2.    Scraper tool, for the win: Scraping ice off of your windshield with a plastic scraper-tool (which is easier once the defroster has been running for a few minutes). These are pretty inexpensive, come in a range of lengths and colors, and can easily be stowed under a seat during the snowy, icy winter months and then in the trunk during warmer months.

3.   Commercial de-icer fluids and chemicals: While there are several options and types of products to quickly de-ice a frozen windshield, these are definitely the least environmental. Definitely a last resort in our books.

Now for the definite-don’t…

This is THE worst way to remove ice from your windshield.

By far, the riskiest ice-removal technique is to pour hot, warm, or even room-temperature water over the ice-cold windshield. The contrast in water temp as it meets the frozen windshield can cause cracking to the glass.

It’s tempting to want to hurry the process and get going, and a cracked windshield isn’t safe to drive with, can let in cold air, and really doesn’t bode well, price-wise, if you’re planning to sell the vehicle in the future.

More tips on windshield wipers and motors right here: it’s the “Don’t” list.

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