3 Critical Seattle Winter Prep Tasks for Your Vehicle

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“Winter is coming”, West Seattle! So, let’s talk winter vehicle prep. When it comes to your cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids that are left in the driveways or on the streets, there are a few ways to “winter-ize” that are specific to the Seattle-area climate. 

(Special welcome to those who are new to the city… or state.)

1.    Battery Check: Batteries in newer vehicles do a lot of work in ancillary systems as well as in the main “turn-the-vehicle-on” functionality. Getting your battery checked and keeping it charged well is a basic task in maintaining a car, but it’s especially important to be clear that yours is reliable before winter ice or snow makes an appearance.

2.    Heater and Defroster Function Check: This may be more noticeable to you sooner, as the heater and defroster have a fairly direct impact on interior cabin comfort, as well as safe visibility.

When you bring your vehicle into the shop in the wintertime, we will actually be testing your air conditioning system (A/C) as well. 


We test the air conditioning in winter because it enhances your defroster’s effectiveness.


By drying the damp air in the passenger cabin.

3.    Wiper Blade Replacement: Seattle is known for its rain, but sleet, snow, and ice make appearances here too. Windshield wiper blades have a shorter life-span due to more use, especially in the Fall and Winter months. Don’t forget the rear wiper blade if you have one.

How else can we help you to maintain your vehicle and optimize its safety, reliability, and investment?

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