How Will I Know It’s Time to Change My Cabin Filter?

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Let’s take a look at the importance of air quality in your vehicle and the cabin filter, which can catch-and-keep some environmental elements & toxins from getting into your lungs while you’re out and about.

At the moment, West Seattle (and Greater Seattle) skies are clear and blue. About 2 weeks ago, it wasn’t the case at all due to wildfires both in and surrounding Washington State. 

Though we’ve already spent plenty of time indoors this year, we were asked to remain indoors still more due to smoke, ash, and haze. (BTW, thank you, first responders!)

After the fires… and when else?

While you’re cruising to work or out enjoying a road trip, your cabin filter acts as an air filter, similar to your furnace filter at home. These are inexpensive, replaceable components to keep aware of, especially during fire seasons.

Plus, most manufacturers recommend replacement every year or 15,000 miles. 

Another signal to keep in mind is to pay attention to restricted airflow from the heater/air conditioning vents, and stinky or musty smells. If there’s a new unpleasant smell, the cabin filter might be a good, easy fix. It’s definitely worth a look.

When was the last time your cabin filter was changed?

The thing to remember is to actually do the replacement of the cabin air filters. Now that the skies are clear, it’s a really good time to have yours inspected and replaced. While you’re at it… how about checking in on a couple of other quick car maintenance chores? 

  • Oil level check and top off? 
  • And it’s definitely a good time to take a good look at the state of your wiper blades before the rains really start coming down.

Air filters are usually checked during tune-up services and we take a look during all routine services as well as pre-purchase inspections. (We’ll take a look on the way to inspecting the state of the bigger systems in a potential vehicle purchase.)

Breathe easier in your car, truck, SUV, and hybrid vehicles… when was the last time you had your cabin filter replaced?

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