Motor Oil for Your Vehicle’s Best Health & Function

oil for car health, adam adding oil at Tom's Automotive ServiceWest seattle

What oil does and why it’s key… for the health of every car, truck, SUV, and hybrid. 

Yes, all vehicles. 

Yes, even the new ones. 

And yes, even if the salesperson told you your vehicle as “never needing oil again.

The thing is, oil makes all of the systems happy, flowing, and humming.

Kind of like water is for your physical body. We’re going to use this metaphor in order to keep it clear and away from too much tech or mechanical talk.

John checking oil in a customer's carSure you need food in your physical body, similar to fuel in the gas tank.

But motor oil, because it acts like water in your body does, well, it allows all of the systems in your car to work and function smoothly, properly, reliably… hassle-and drama-free. Which we want, right?

Also similar to water, there are a couple of properties of motor oil that you want for your car in order to keep it running well. 

They are: 

  • New, fresh/clean: Imagine an oil change with fresh, new oil for your car is like an ice-cold glass of water on a hot day. It’s similar. Plus, you’d never actually go for murky, warmish water on a hot day… yuck. Fresh, new oil serves the investment you made in your vehicle in the first place.
  • Consistently changed: Like water for your body, consistency in changing the oil in your vehicle will serve the life of your car, and all the systems inside well. Regular oil changes, if you plan for them and have them done, will prolong the life of your vehicle.
  • Regularly checked: A vehicle’s performance can be affected when it is running low on oil, or the overall quality of the oil is getting murky and dirty. Checking your vehicle’s oil level will also keep your engine happier and healthier for longer too. Think of it kind of like a type of “vehicular dehydration”, if it helps. 


Your vehicle’s care is key for safe driving, reliability, for however long you are planning to keep it.

We help our West Seattle neighbors with car care all day, every day. 

And we’d love to help you too.

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