Auto Repair Service Near the West Seattle Bridge

brandon, master technician and subaru specialist headshot from Tom's Automotive Service

Before March, and COVID-19, and before the West Seattle Bridge and the low bridge was closed, we would share about being a good “dealership alternative”. 

And now, more than ever, we’d like to whole-heartedly invite our neighbors who usually have their cars serviced, maintained, and repaired in Seattle to get to know us as your for-now (maybe forever) auto repair shop.

Best foot forward… well, feet

Our team is, by far, the most important asset in our business. The people on our team hold the vehicle knowledge, and service skills to not only anchor our business in excellence but also the heart to work with our West Seattle neighbors and friends day-to-day in a professional and caring way.

  • Master Technician? Double-check… because we have 2!
    John has been a solid part of our team for almost 40 years. If you’ve been to Tom’s for any amount of time, you probably know him. And if you don’t, not to worry, he probably has worked to some extent on or for your vehicle.

    Brandon is a Master Technician and has been with Tom’s for 7 years and he started at the very beginning of his career with us as a lube technician. He’s worked hard to expand his knowledge, skills, and team communications ever since… and he’s not showing any sign of slowing down.
  • Subaru specialists? Check. Check. Both Brandon and Dustin are credentialed Subaru Specialists. Plus, they work on all of the other makes and models that we serve. 
  • Stellar service desk? Absolutely. The team members you speak with on the phone, email for scheduling, and see at the front desk are there  – and care – for you, your loved ones… all who are riding around town, running errands, getting to the grocery store and back… and even taking road trips together. It all comes around and back to you. 
  • A leader in the local and future automotive industry? That’s us too. Tom’s owner Kandie has long been involved in several areas of the professional local industry. One thing you may not know, she’s served on several automotive educational advisory boards: South Seattle College, Shoreline, and more. She has a keen desire to nurture the people in the Seattle area with industry skills so they can make a good living and life in a changing, needed trade.

We specialize in several elements regarding cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids… but our biggest, most awesome thing we really highlight and specialize in? 

Our neighbors and friends. We actually also specialize in the vehicles of West Seattle.

If you’ve been holding off on getting your vehicle serviced because your dealership or regular repair shop is in Seattle-proper – and over the West Seattle Bridge – we’d love to take this time to welcome you to the Tom’s Automotive Service family.

Give us a try. That’s all we ask.

Schedule your next service or contact us with questions today.