Open, Essential, and Safe Car Maintenance & Repair Services 

Most of the calls coming in this week are about whether or not we’re open for business.

The short answer is: Yes, we’re open. Gratefully, we are open.

And there’s more to share, both for the short-term, during the coronavirus pandemic, and the longer term, while the West Seattle Bridge is closed for repairs. 

We’ve got safety precautions in place including gloves, surface sanitizing, cleaning, and not only hand-sanitizing, but also key-sanitizing and spraying. It’s true. Have you thought about sanitizing your keys yet? We have and we’re on it. 

This, in addition to the good, warrantied repair and maintenance work needed during this critical time to keep you and your loved ones safe during road travel.


The office is open

You may indeed come into the office. The safety precaution is in place and looks like a yellow line and square on the carpeted floor. It’s 6-feet from the counter representative (either Casey, Tracy, or Kandie), and 6-feet from the chairs in the office too. Please, look for the yellow tape when you come in the door.


How about vehicle pick up and drop off?

Does this seem more convenient to you right now? You’re not alone.

And guess what? It’s an option. Give a call, make an appointment, and we will work out the details to make sure your vehicle is reliable and safe, inside and out.

As part of the Transportation industry, we’re here to serve you, our neighbors and friends, and the infrastructure in the best way we can: repairing and maintaining vehicles for safe, reliable travel. 

Give a call with questions, set up an appointment, and see if vehicle pickup and delivery is the right option for you.