Feeling the Love at Tom’s Automotive Service

Red cars on lifts in auto shop

Even though we’re enjoying one extra day this month, it still feels like February has been in 5th gear from the get-go.

Where has the time sped off to?

Fortunately, we’ve got a little evidence to share about the latest happenings to the cars, trucks, SUVs, and hybrids that have come through the shop over the last few weeks. 

Seeing red

It’s not just you — and it wasn’t just us — who was seeing red in the shop, right on the 14th. We shared the love with vehicles of all stripes, shapes, and colors, but thought it was funny and apropos to see so many red cars on the lifts on Valentine’s Day. Good looking bunch, right? Now each of those red rides runs better and more safely too.

Teamwork: in the shop & on the ice

You often hear us talk about education, training, and shop festivities, but it’s worth noting that hobbies and interests also align between members of the shop. One of those is… hockey!

Triston, Brandon, and Dustin make up a good portion of the Blue Screen of Death team in the Greater Seattle Hockey league. Did you know that Kandie was an avid and supportive hockey-mom through all of Triston’s years on school teams?

She knows all about the importance of keeping a vehicle running well to shuttle kids to all the things; practices, games, tryouts… not to mention finals and championships (just sayin’). Same goes again for all of the non-sports related extra-curricular activities like rehearsals, performances, spelling bees, robot and tech conferences, club stuff, and just plain playdates. The wheels need to be safe and reliable for you and your family. 100%.

So, are you ready to check-in to Tom’s Automotive Service for your next repair or preventive maintenance appointment?

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