Let’s say you’ve had your car for awhile… your vehicle is pretty reliable, but you’re not sure exactly what to do right now at the beginning of the year. We’ve got a few suggestions for you to either take on your own or bring in to our shop so we can take care of them for you.

The beginning of the year is a great time to take care of routine maintenance jobs: it’s a reflective time of year, jobs (depending on which one you have) can be slow-ish, and you can take stock of the previous year as well as make plans for the year ahead. 

Here’s the shortlist:

  1. Replace wiper blades: Seattle is no stranger to rain, and lately snow. If you tried to get rid of the January snow with your wiper blades, go ahead and replace them now for the next storm. Also, if you’re planning to DIY this task, be absolutely sure you’ve got the right size blades for your vehicle (one size does not fit all, and generic blades usually don’t fit or work well).
  2. Schedule regular oil level inspections and services: Every vehicle, from hatchback to hybrid, needs oil. New oil, regularly. We mention this frequently because we see people pay a lot of money in damages caused by old oil and no oil. Oil is a critical element to your car’s health, kinda like water is to your body. You need it regularly because every system in your body needs it to function properly. Schedule your oil level inspections and changes with us. It won’t take long, and we’ll send reminders for that service as well.
  3. In thinking ahead, what’s the plan for your vehicle this year? This question is deceptively simple as knowing your plan will actually help you with maintenance decisions throughout the year (unless you change your mind, of course). Are you keeping it for your primary use for another year? Is someone in your household getting their driver’s permit and/or license this year? Or, will you likely be selling it or trading it in for a new car, truck, SUV, or hybrid? Chances are good you were able to review the questions and know the answer without giving them much thought. Let us know the plans for your vehicles as well, we’ll be able to advise on maintenance in ways that align with your goals and needs.
  4. Road trips this year? It’s fun to think and plan ahead for vacations and time off. If road trips figure in for you and your family this year, get a routine maintenance inspection on the books a few weeks prior so your vehicle is road-ready and safe.

Let us know what else may be going on with your vehicles. We’re kinda like your own personal performance pit crew at Tom’s Automotive Service. Call or schedule your next service today