Lucky Customers, More Learning & Love at Tom’s Automotive, West Seattle

Tom's automotive repair shop team photo West Seattle

We’ve been lucky enough to experience a good mix of things at Tom’s Automotive Service lately. 

You saw the near-miss nail in the tire, right? Everyone in the shop kinda marveled at the sight of a big ol’ nail going into the channel of the tread, instead of puncturing a tire. It was fun to see that our customer got lucky like this. This is the only way you’d ever want to pick up a nail, right?


What else?

Summer school was in session for owner Kandie. She attended yet another training since learning is part of our regular code of business. Another lucky break was that she had our friend and CEO of the Automotive Service Association (ASA), Jeff Lovell at her table. 


Almost all together off-site

And lastly, we loved enjoying a little downtime together just before the 4th. While we celebrated with our team (missed you, John) and got to relax out of our shop duds. 


Extra sweet

The ice cream cake topped with fresh local berries spelled out “Tom’s” really hit the spot in the middle of summer.

Life is good here, and we are grateful for all of the wonderful things that it brings our way!


Are you enjoying your summer? Any road trips?

Keep us in mind for your after-summer maintenance and back-to-school oil changes, repairs, and inspections!

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