Stinky Filters, Surprise Visits, and Summer Fun at Tom’s Automotive, West Seattle

daisy the spaniel at Tom's Automotive West Seattle

Sweet surprises

We had a surprise visitor on a client’s vehicle—a June bug. But it was July! 

This little critter must have been pretty happy on that car and made a home for himself that carried him right through his prime month!

We also had a visit from Daisy, a sweet pup of one of our clients. She was such a smart and good girl, she actually landed herself 2 treats! You saw her face, right? 

We couldn’t possibly deny her that second snack. Smart cookie, that Daisy!


Part of the job

Sometimes work in the shop includes some detective work. We, meaning Adam, had to track down a… smell… in a customer’s car. There was some yuck in the cabin air filter we came across. It had a pretty strong stench, which means it wasn’t working at full capacity to do its job to keep the air in the car fresh and clean for all occupants. 

We replaced the cabin filter with a new, fresh filter and got the customer back in their car and on their way! It’s satisfying to find the problem source and we felt pretty lucky that it was a relatively inexpensive and simple fix!

In final news, we got to watch our stellar little baseball players having a great time on the field! We just love being a part of West Seattle’s community and are so grateful to be able to sponsor sports teams year after year.

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