Summer Car Care Checklist

cooper dwight-hudson visits tom's automotive car repair service handsome dog

But before we go to car chores, check this lineup of the cutest West Seattle pups to recently visit our auto repair shop!

Do you ever find yourself immediately lighting up when you talk about something you love? 

WE LOVE: Your vehicles… and your dogs

Well, that’s how we feel when we talk about two things; cars, and dogs! We had TONS of pups come and visit us recently!

Pax, Finn, Rosie, Bowden, Cooper, Cid, Mila, Nahvi, and Brutus all got some extra love from our team and made us all smile a little bigger! 

Other things that make us happy is sunshine! It’s finally here. Seattle’s regular “June-u-ary” is fading back and it’s feeling like It’s officially summer… not to mention, school is out! 

Car upkeep & cares for the dog days of summer

We have more daylight for fun and even a few summer chores we can’t seem to get done during other months. 

Here are some tips on quick car “chores” to get done while these warmer months are gracing us with their presence.

  • Check out all the things! Tires, grill, exterior, interior, including under the hood, which includes places where bugs and rodents can nest.
  • Check fluid levels. Ensure your air conditioning refrigerant level is sufficient. (This can be the difference between air conditioning working or not. Also, check in on your antifreeze, transmission fluid, oil, brake fluid and power steering fluids.
  • Vacuum! Carpets, seats, trunk and any other upholstered nooks & crannies.
  • Replace filters. A clean cabin filter will keep your internal cabin air optimal.
  • Bath time! Give your car a good scrub, then protect with a nice wax.
  • Shampoo carpets. Waiting for warm weather is the perfect time for shampooing carpets to allow for proper drying.

We hope you have a great summer! Who’s heading out for a road trip?

If you need help with checking fluids, tires, air conditioning, brakes, transmission or other services, schedule your service today!