West Seattle Subaru Repair Experts… and Pups!

We lucked out and had more pups come visit us recently. Both Bowden and Finn stopped in… you saw them in the video, right? Bowden even brought us some coffee!

Dog Tested, Dog Approved…right?

Speaking of pups, you know how we love our pups here at the shop! That said, we love most anything that makes pups happy too. If you caught the last Super Bowl or watch TV, you may have seen some commercials that show how Subaru’s are dog approved.

This is a major score since we love pups and Subarus! In the Pacific Northwest, it’s important to have a car that can withstand the climate, roads, and constant change of scenery.

Subaru specialists in the shop

We see a lot of Subaru’s here at the shop doing just that! Dustin and Brandon are two technicians here at Tom’s that also happen to be Subaru experts! So, if you have a Subaru or know someone who does that’s looking for a shop with the best West Seattle Subaru experts, be sure to send them our way!

Our Master Technician and mentor, John, is also here to lend his expert hands and problem-solving brain to any job, big or small. We are lucky to have amazingly talented individuals on our team.

Planning some summer trips? Make sure your car is in good health and safe for your next trip. Give us a call or go online to schedule your next service!