Training, Pups & “Sparky” Garden Art

kandie jennings, tom's automotive services west seattle at an industry round table training

Cars, trucks, SUVs, & hybrids are always on our minds at Tom’s Automotive.

Yup, we’re up on what’s new in the automotive industry

Kandie recently attended the first-ever Automotive Education Round Table in Oregon! This is exciting! Not only for our shop but for the industry as a whole. It is important that we take advantage of conversations as well as continuing education and training offered and utilized by experts in our industry.

You’re probably aware of the lightning speed that technology is being developed at with personal devices, computers, and such, yes? (If you’re not aware, suffice it to say, “it’s fast.”)

Tech developments and improvements are moving equally fast in the car industry. But let’s go ahead and multiply that by x-number of manufacturers… because each one is doing their own thing lately it seems.

We, at Tom’s Automotive, believe in taking advantage of relevant training and education whenever possible. Why? Because we care about how we are servicing your vehicles! Taking part in training and continuing education ensures we are providing top-notch work and also acting in safe manners when performing the work.


tom's automotive service west seattle had a visitor Brutus, air filter articleMeet Brutus

By the way, did you notice we had a super cute visitor this week? Brutus stopped by for some belly rubs and a treat. And boy did he love both!


Have you spotted the upcycled car part in the video?

Not sure if you checked out our new yard art or not, but I’m guessing some of you may have. Such fun to place these dragonflies made from used spark plugs. People are amazingly creative!

Stop by to check out the new garden art, bring your dog by to say hello and get a treat, and schedule the next-needed service for your car. We’re ready for you, neighbor!