An Actual Nest Found in the Air Filter

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Surprise, surprise! The things we find under the hood!

Have the words “spring cleaning” come to your mind with this beautiful weather back out?

It has for us! And not just in the traditional “purge things you’ve been hiding in your house throughout the dark and cold months” type of spring cleaning, either.

No. We’re thinking of the “clean things that have been hiding in our cars” type of spring cleaning!

We recently had a customer bring their car in and it needed some TLC in the air filter replacement department. It appeared that there was some sort of hair / fuzz / lint / leaf bundle living in there.

Holy moly!

It turned out to be a massive buildup of all the things caught by the trusty filter. Let’s call it a nest! The bad part? It was so full of gunk that it likely wasn’t able to do its job of keeping the air going into the intake clean making it hard for the engine to breathe, who knows for how long!


Breathing easy

Having a good cabin filter in place that is cleaned or replaced regularly is the difference between good, healthy air that you’re breathing or not. A good filter can and does make breathing easier for anyone who suffers from asthma, allergies or any sort of respiratory conditions.

Plus, even without a breathing condition, don’t you just want to know you’re breathing the freshest air possible while you’re cruising down the street?

When was the last time you had your car’s air filter and cabin filters replaced?

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