Behind the Scenes at Tom’s: What We’ve Found Under the Hoods of Cars, Trucks, SUVs, and Hybrids

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Sometimes we find more than the usual suspects of engine, oil, coolant, and battery.

We’ve got all kinds of jobs going on at the shop as we work our way deeper into the Spring season.  You’d be surprised what we find under the hood and sometimes behind the panels. We are often surprised ourselves, even after being in this business for more than 48 years.

Often we’ll find lots of leaves and debris. An especially massive amount of leaves was under the hood of one of our customer’s cars.

In another car, we found a beautiful dragonfly. Uh, a “preserved” dragonfly. It must have gotten trapped inside of the car and couldn’t make it out. This is nothing new, and a good reminder to open up the secret hiding places in your car periodically to clean them out!


A word on leaks

One client had a transmission line that was leaking coolant. Leaks like this can, of course, be discovered by actually finding liquid leaking out below your car. It can also be caught by paying attention and catching things like odd sounds (whining and/or clunking), burnings smells or a lack of response when you shift gears in your car.

Staying aware of these changes can help to avoid increased costs incurred by having to fix a problem after it’s gone on for a bit.

It’s always cheaper to maintain than to replace, right? Right!


Stop by the shop to schedule your next service or call in and make an appointment.

We love keeping your vehicle in top shape, especially with “road trip season” and summer vacations fast approaching.


Here’s an example of a critter making a Volkswagen its home!

I never know what gifts the guys will leave for me. This one was alive! Fell out of an engine area. We gave him a new home outside.