Bring the Heat(er), West Seattle!

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Car repairs, heat & air conditioning systems, and friends in West Seattle.

Snow stompers came by

It was fun to see that a little (or lot) of snow didn’t stop our clients from popping in to say Hi and get their cars serviced. Shannon and her sweet pup Nahvi stopped by to drop off their car and opted to take a walk and enjoy all of the beauty that the snow brought with it. So brave!

Yes, our shuttle 🙂

Our shuttle is there for anyone who is having a service completed who needs to dart out to get something else done. It will bring you anywhere you need to go in West Seattle, and pick you back up to pick up your vehicle.

You met our snow-mascot, right?

We snuck out of the shop for a few to enjoy the snow too. We built our newest (temporary) team member to celebrate our 48 years in business! It was a fun way to celebrate and also get to have a little fun with the massive amount of snow that mother nature brought our way.

Your air conditioning & heating systems

Now, onto more important and educational things relating to your vehicle. Ever wonder if your air conditioning and heating systems are the same? Sure, they are operated by the same knob on your dash and ventilation system, but they’re not quite the same. They actually have two completely different operating systems.

That means that each system needs to be tested and maintained on its own. It’s important to keep up on testing of each system to make sure they’re working efficiently. We encourage our clients to make a note to have them checked during spring and fall, right before the weather makes its big debut during summer and winter and the air conditioning and heat are in high demand!

What about your vehicle?

Give us a shout when you’re thinking about scheduling your next service, we’d love to hear from you and help you with all of your needs.

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