Batteries, Spark Plugs, & Fun

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Did someone say batteries?

Now is a great time of year to make sure your battery is working ahead of time. You know it’s no fun to walk out to a car in the bitter cold or wind just to find out that your battery is on its last leg. Or worse, that it finally gave out. Boo! No one has time for that!


Being proactive and having your battery tested will help to ensure it’s working efficiently and that it doesn’t need replacing. You are always welcome to visit our shop and we can run a diagnostic test and do a visual inspection of the battery and terminals to ensure they’re working properly. And if not, we can get you set up with a new one and then get you back on your way!


While you’re inspecting the battery, be sure to inspect those spark plugs too. Ailing or faulty spark plugs can cause some major damage to your engine, and also make your gas mileage decline. There are steps in most vehicle owner’s manuals to inspect your spark plugs. We’re also happy to take a look at them for you.


Also, check out what our clients are saying about us. They feel great about their options, our shop’s expertise, and solutions and walk away feeling confident about the work that has been done on their cars.


Thanks to Meg H. for this recent Google review:

“Everyone at Tom’s cares about delivering great, expert service and keeping your car or truck in excellent mechanical condition. I have a 2001 Yukon XL which is a 3/4 ton towing vehicle and has been serviced at Tom’s for 14 years. It has 187,000 miles on it, and I credit their commitment to excellent service and workmanship for the vehicle’s longevity. They are the best in the business, and we are super fortunate to have them in West Seattle.”


Our office staff is the best and always has ideas about how to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape to avoid any hiccups when on the road. We work with you and your budget to help you prioritize next fixes, inspections, or maintenance appointments. We can recommend and share what would be best for your vehicle, but you make the decision about what works best for you. We are on your team.


Tom's Automotive West Seattle owner's dog DaisyStop by or click and schedule a service today, or just to say hi! As always, feel free to bring your pup with you, we would love to meet them!


P.S. The pup in the video? It’s Kandie’s little one named Daisy.

We’re all pet-people at Tom’s.