Fixing Cars with Weird Waterworks & Damage

the pick we found that was used as a plug Tom's Automotive West Seattle

There have been a couple of notably weird fixes we got to sleuth & solve for the cars that came in this week.

Water leaking inside their car

First, we had a customer come in complaining about having water leaking inside their car and hearing a sloshing sound coming from the dash area.

We got the car up in the air and looked under the drain. No one was more surprised than John to find a pick stuck in the drain hole as a plug (we think).

When we pulled it out, water was pouring out of the drain hole! This was an interesting “solution” to a problem we sure hadn’t seen before. We’re pretty sure someone was just working on something else and forgot to remove the pick after they were done… that’s our theory, anyway.

Uh oh… a “glugging noise”

Another car was brought in when the owner began hearing a “glugging noise”.

We took the air cleaner off and it was completely filled with water! Water came pouring out of the air cleaner assembly as if a hose was turned on.

These car issues were great reminders to pay attention to odd sounds, smells, or anything that seems out of normal with your car.

Staying on top of (and ahead of) these things can help to avoid additional repairs and costs incurred by issues continuing and worsening. So, keep your eyes, ears, and sniffers open for anything that strikes you as out of the ordinary in your car.

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