They Backed Their Car Over a Guard Rail… Ooops

car damaged by backing over guard rail Tom's automotive west seattle

This week we had a client who had an accident… they backed into a guard rail.


You might think that this would just cause some rear end damage, but that wasn’t the case here. Even a minor accident that bumps something on the undercarriage can cause a chain reaction and further damage your car, truck, SUV or hybrid.

In this case, the left rear lower control arms were cracked and bent, the left rear strut and spindle were damaged, and a sway bar bushing too. This is a pretty significant amount of damage!

You may not back over a guard rail, but it’s important to remember…

Even hitting a branch or running over random debris in the road can cause issues such as blown out tires, minor/major damage to your exhaust system, oil pan damage and much more. It can be as minor as bumps that need fixing, to more extensive damage like ripping off an exhaust pipe or puncturing an oil pan.

Be extra cautious in this winter weather and keep your eyes peeled for items that you could run over in the road to avoid these costly issues

If you do get into a scrape, give us a call and we can schedule to get you in and check it out ASAP!

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