Rats, Rodents & Critters Under the Hood

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It’s warm and dry under the hood of your car.

An ideal place for a rodent to nest.

In the spirit of Halloween, I wish I could say this is a trick, but it’s not.

And it’s definitely not a treat to find either! Sadly, we end up finding dead critters (mostly rodents) in engines fairly frequently. This year especially has been a bad year. And boy can it be stinky!

We love animals and hate to see this. It’s not only sad, but small animals can also cause some real damage to your vehicle while alive, or living, in there. We’ve seen wiring get chewed through, nests made in air cleaners and cabin filters and oh so much more!

** Warning ** The video shows content that may be sad or unsettling.

Discourage & deter… with love

Here are a few ways to deter these critters from trying to make a home in your vehicle. Place things like peppermint oil, a few shavings of Irish Spring soap, or a dryer sheet under the hood.

We soak balsa wood sticks in peppermint oil and will place one stick under the hood. In the cabin of the car, you will get a definite whiff of crispy minty air, but it’s kind of a bonus air-freshener for the vehicle… plus a rodent deterrent.

These things smell bad to mice, rats and other rodents and will help to deter them from wanting to head under the hood and create a home in your car!

Also, if your car is not being used consistently, take it for a spin around the block here and there. This will keep the rodents from doing major damage to your electrical and mechanical work.

If you suspect you have a critter living under your hood and want it checked out, feel free to stop on by and we can inspect it out for you.

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