Replacing Water Pumps & Welcoming Special Pups in West Seattle

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Can you say busy?

That’s what we’re saying this week at Tom’s Automotive Services… though we’re not too busy for you.

Been working on a wide range of jobs from air filters to water pumps. Here are a few of the jobs we’ve been working on… plus, a cute pup!

Shoutout to our special guest: Milo
First, Milo says hi!

We sure do love pups.

Timing belt change …for the win
Your timing belt does a ton of important things we won’t bore you with, but take our word—it’s a very important component to your engine’s function.

It should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines in order for your vehicle to keep running both reliably and properly.

Sadly, there’s no real notifier for you that it needs to be replaced, so just keep an eye out when you’re nearing the recommended mileage or time… and ask us what that mileage or time interval is for your car, truck or SUV… we’re happy to look that up and make it a part of your maintenance plan.

If unchecked, these have a tendency to snap, which is both dangerous and expensive.  

Staying ahead of it will keep the cost of changing it down to a quarter or half of what it would cost to change it if it breaks on you while you’re out driving. Yikes!

Exhaust pipe… Ouch
While enjoying a camping trip, this exhaust took a major blow on a rough road and completely cracked. Ouch!

Major exhaust cracks can result in a loud noise coming from the rear of your car.

If you hear loud noises coming from that area, let us know you’re coming  and we can check the condition of your exhaust pipe.

Replacing water pumps
Check out this water pump we replaced. It was leaking and caused some damage.

If your vehicle is overheating, you’ll want to have it checked out sooner than later. We’d love to take a look at it for you.

Fresh cabin air filters = happier lungs
Every 15,000 to 25,000 miles or so you should replace your cabin air filter. Especially in this pollen-filled West Seattle.

If you haven’t replaced the filters since Canada’s BC fires ended, we’d really encourage you to consider doing it. This can make a big improvement to cabin air quality.

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