Nailed It in West Seattle: Tires and More

There are so many things to consider and watch for when it comes to keeping your car running safely. Here are a few things we’ve been working on this week. Thinking they’re just helpful enough for you to know about and watch for while you’re out and about.

Nails in tires…what a pain!
All of the construction going on in West Seattle doesn’t just affect traffic, it also affects our vehicles too!

One of those ways can be a nail or screw that winds up in a tire. This is sometimes an unavoidable hiccup, but it’s good to check your tires every so often, especially if you’re driving through neighborhoods with lots of construction, to make sure they’re clear of nails and screws.

Another thought: keeping a tire pressure gauge in the car to check the air pressure in your tire can be a handy and time-saving tool to have tucked in your glove box or side door compartment.

If you do spot a nail, screw or foreign object in your tire…pop on over and we will check it out.

Car won’t start?
We had a car in recently that wouldn’t start. In this case, they just kept trying to turn the engine over and it finally worked. They got lucky!

Sometimes there can be a bigger issue with a car that won’t start consistently, but it’s important to get the diagnosis done right and not jump to that (expensive) conclusion.

Unfortunately, this car’s trouble did happen to be its fuel pump. This fix required the fuel tank to be removed in order to access and replace the fuel pump.

There could be many other things contributing to a car, truck, SUV or hybrid that won’t start every time. Give us a call and let us know what’s going on if your vehicle isn’t as reliable about starting… with the colder months coming, let’s take care of that issue sooner than later.

If your vehicle absolutely won’t start, have it towed over to the shop, that’s always okay.

tom's automotive service west seattle cute dog tonka daisyPssst….
Tonka and Daisy say hi and send wags.

Sometimes we find weird things under the hood…
We found a nest under the hood, filled with eggs. Thankfully the eggs were hatched and the baby birds had already flown onto their forever home. Be sure to keep an eye out for critters though. The nooks and crannies under a vehicle’s hood are warm and dry, very appealing for birds, rodents… and even cats sometimes like to rest on top of tires in the wheel wells.

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