Clear & Quicker Diagnosis Means Savings For You on Car Repairs

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Diagnosis is critical. We all want to be sure we’re fixing a vehicle’s issue the first time, right?

These are a few of our recent jobs, in the video. In addition to the worn electrode on a spark plug and a loose water pump, this week’s video features some “research” work used by a tool called a “Boroscope”.

The Boroscope?

We use this tool mainly for hard to reach areas like underneath an intake manifold or within a combustion chamber, mostly for places that can’t be seen easily with a mirror and flashlight. Like the one in this video, we can get into really tight places with this tools camera in order to best diagnose the troubles with the vehicle. This is helpful for you, the customer, in terms of diagnostic costs and helpful for us in determining the real trouble as soon as possible. This helps to minimize costs in getting to the issue and helps us to communicate the real problems with you quickly. Plus, isn’t it reassuring to be able to see an image of the damage, when possible? We definitely think, know and work as such. With a better view of the state of the vehicle, we can further – & better – explain with the aid of an illustration so you understand the state of the car, the repairs being recommended. Then, you can make a good, informed choice about moving forward. Schedule your next service today. Review the cars, trucks, SUVs and hybrids we repair & maintain.