Under the Hood & Behind the Dash This Week

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From leaking heater cores to blown head gaskets, it’s been a big week in West Seattle for car, truck, SUV & hybrid repairs. It’s been a week of leaks, blown head gaskets and drip diagnosis and repairs.

Did you see the first clip of the video? That was ASE-Certified Master Technician Brandon using a really simple trick to diagnose the leak in the heater core.

Here’s the trick
The heater core goes into a bucket of plain water. Then Brandon shot a little bit of compressed air through the part, and the bubbles came up to show exactly where the leak came from. Smart, simple and effective.

The hard part?
It’s not really hard, but it is a process… and it’s getting in to retrieve the heater core in the first place. The heater core on this 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup is located in the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) unit, which is in the dash. That’s just getting in, getting the part and diagnosing where the leak is coming from. This pickup is now safe and ship-shape…ready for the road and summer adventure. Other jobs this week included replacing a blown head gasket in a Dodge Neon, and assorted other jobs as well.

Big job or small, we just want you to be safe in your vehicle.

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