Anybody Can Fix a Car… Right?

West Seattle Auto Repair ASE Certified technicians shop
Not anymore. Today’s vehicles are more computer & technology than mechanical parts.

Vehicles now are largely moving computers. The batteries and systems are different now than they were even a decade ago.

Each manufacturer creates the makes and models of vehicles in their lines with their own factory standards, requirements and maintenance schedules.

And the state of the automotive industry is going toward implementing even more computers and “smart technology” as we go forward. Quickly.

West Seattle Auto Repair ASE Certified technicians shop

ASE Certified Master Technicians Brandon and John. Kandie Jennings-Malloy, Owner, in the middle: recognized as an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop in West Seattle.

Think about it

Mobile phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers become outdated quickly with new releases and updates happening all the time.

There are updates that need to happen regularly in your car’s computer systems too.

So, for newer cars, you can’t just pop the hood and get a wrench and start tinkering. You could cause more problems that way. In fact, for some vehicles, giving a good-samaritan jump start could also do more harm than good.

We’ve seen these cars, trucks, SUVs and hybrids come in after someone has tried to “help” or “fix” a friend or loved one’s car, and it ends up costing more to repair the original issue, plus the additional damage incurred by the person who was just trying to help.

Cars, newer cars, are now in the technical domain for service and repairs. So, a technical education is required.

It’s a shop investment

We provide that education as a cost to the shop, not the technician.

You may think this would be a “given”, but industry-wide, a technician’s career education actually falls to the individual’s lot. It’s their responsibility to get and maintain the certifications and training, both time and money.

Not the case here at Tom’s.

Our shop invests in our technicians with ongoing education and certifications. They need the education to best perform the needed work on your vehicle. We’re committed to our team’s success in fixing and maintaining your car.

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Brandon and John, both as ASE Certified Master Technicians here at Tom’s Automotive in West Seattle, just off of Fauntleroy.

ASE certification is for serious techs only

In order to become ASE-certified, an employee must show proof of two years of hands-on work experience, and then also pass at least one exam. So, there’s a time, effort and skill development commitment here.

Daily education, ongoing training and professional development yield a team who can talk with you about what your car is doing or needing, without using technical terms or scare-tactics.

We do have a couple of ASE Master Technicians, aka super-achievers. Both John and Brandon hold, and maintain, all eight (8!) certifications available through ASE. It’s a pretty big deal.

Our team turnover is pretty low. The service reps and technicians you see here with us are usually onboard for more than just a couple of years.

Shop recognition: ASE Blue Seal of Excellence

We’ve been recognized as an ASE Blue Seal of Excellence shop here in West Seattle. So, 75% of our automotive professionals on staff are ASE-certified and in good standing. We also have a certified technician in each area of service we offer and we renew and confirm our professionals’ certification status each year.

It’s a lot of details to track and manage, but having the education is worth it. It makes us better and keeps us up-to-date in this fast-moving, fast-changing industry.

Tom’s Automotive develops ASE-certified technicians who have the most up-to-date education available. Why do we do this? So our whole team is prepared and ready to professionally repair and service your car, truck, SUV or hybrid.

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