Your Air Conditioner Is a Multi-Purpose System

Modern vehicles actually use the air conditioning system (A/C) to cool the computers that are an integral part of the newer cars, trucks, SUVs and hybrids.

So, your air conditioning system is used to not only cool the passengers, the pets and the interior of your car, but also the functioning computer systems that operates many systems in your vehicles. This is especially true for the hybrid vehicles.

So it’s critical to be sure to keep your air conditioning system operating well.

It used to be that air conditioning was an option when you went to buy a new vehicle.
With so many of the new models being built with computer systems, we don’t actually know if you can get a brand new vehicle without air conditioning these days.

Defrost is driven by air conditioning

Here’s another fun fact: your vehicle’s defrost function relies on the air conditioning system to work properly too!
When you turn on your defrost, it’s your air conditioning that actually drives that critical utility.

So, if your defroster isn’t working well, say in the Fall or Winter, it could be that your air conditioning isn’t working properly.

Who knew your air conditioner had so many jobs in your vehicle? It’s an important system to maintain, and it’s becoming more and more important as more computers and computerized mechanisms are incorporated into new and future models.

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